Welcome to the Consumers Energy's Customer Insight Online Panel Gateway!

Your feedback and opinions are important to us and will help us make decisions about the products and services we offer to you as a customer.

You may have noticed that we're no longer using PayPal for payment of sweepstakes winners. This is because Consumers Energy can no longer offer cash equivalents for payments such as these. PayPal and things like Visa gift cards are considered cash equivalents. We selected Amazon gift cards as a replacement for the time being. In the near future, we'll be asking your opinion about other options available for sweepstakes payments.

Here's an overview of what's currently available through the Gateway specifically for Consumers Energy customers:

  • You can access available survey opportunities.
  • Login/password protection means that you, and only you, can access your information.
  • You have the ability to update your email address and other information about yourself. Keeping this information updated means that we will be able to invite you to participate in surveys that are more relevant to you based on your personal information.

Check the Gateway as often as you can for new features and information.

How It Works

When you join Consumers Energy's Customer Insight Online Panel, you join other Consumers Energy customers participating in research about topics related directly to Consumers Energy. You will be helping Consumers Energy understand the challenges of customers like you by expressing your opinions on a wide range of topics. Consumers Energy has used feedback from other research studies to design programs and services tailored to their customers.


Payments for Consumers Energy's Customer Insight Online Panel online surveys range from per person incentives to drawings for prizes. Incentives will typically be delivered via Amazon. The method of payment will be clearly stated in the survey invitation you receive. Read the Payment and Prize Drawing Rules for more information about payments and survey incentives.

Privacy Policy

To ensure your privacy, Consumers Energy has entrusted Data Decisions Group to manage your panel information. Data Decisions Group has the utmost respect for the privacy of respondent information and vigorously protects it. Like any high quality research firm, Data Decisions Group reports survey results in aggregate form only. Individual respondent information and opinions are never shared with any outside party for any reason, unless we obtain your express permission. Email information, telephone numbers, name, address, and other personal information is never sold to nor shared with anyone, unless we obtain your express permission.

Survey responses are stored electronically in systems or files with restricted access to prevent unauthorized access including, but not limited to encryption and password protection.

Data Decisions Group strictly adheres to the respondent privacy rules set forth by The Insights Association standards. You may read more about The Insights Association on their website at https://www.insightsassociation.org/.

About DDG

Data Decisions Group is a full service research organization that has worked with Fortune 100 companies and leading market research providers. Visit www.datadecisionsgroup.com to learn more about Data Decisions Group.